Much Ado About Nothing Lies Analysis

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Much Ado About Nothing, a comedic play written by William Shakespeare, circulates around the plot of deception and eavesdropping. The story occurs in the city of Messina, which is governed by Leonato. The plot revolves around the characters: Don John, Don Pedro, Claudio, Benedick, Hero, Beatrice, and many more. The characters were involved in the acts of deceptions that were portrayed such that some benefited the characters, while others were for the purpose of endangering them. There are three major types of lies that are portrayed in Much Ado About Nothing: lies to protect others, lies in the interest of the liar, and lies to cause harm. Some may say that Borachio is the true villain in the story because he developed a way to ruin the wedding of Hero and Claudio, but the data is perfectly clear that Don John is actually the man who was behind all the schemes of evil deception and betrayal. Don John planned his schemes out carefully with lies to cause harm and in the interest of himself, the liar. At the masked ball,…show more content…
Which is, under the circumstances that he learned that what he did was wrong and did not do it again. Martha Stewart, a woman who is famous for her books and cooking recipes, went into jail for selling illegitimate stocks, but she changed for the better and never did that again. People may say that Don John can change, and he just needs some time to learn from his lesson. However, Don John’s lies harmed the people around him when he committed a serious crime that shamed Claudio, Don Pedro, and Hero. Even after he knew what he had done wrong he “fled from Messina.” (V. i. 202-203) This information is perfectly clear and shows us that Don John knew that he shamed others, but he still did not take any action to correct himself because he did it on purpose. He has no right to be forgiven or perceived as
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