Much Ado About Nothing Research Paper

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Shakespeare’s Love Stories In the Shakespeare’s, Much Ado About Nothing, there are two main love stories. One of them is Claudio and Hero and the other is Benedick and Beatrice. These love stories are the complete opposite of each other with the same outcome. Claudio and Hero are the overly affectionate type of love. They are always all over each other and hugging. When Claudio is not mad at Hero, they are very caring of each other. They really like being in the same space as one another. Claudio said, “Would it even be possible to buy a jewel as rare and precious as Hero?” (I.I). He said this when he first saw Hero when they got home. They are the type of couple that is love at first sight. When Claudio saw Hero, they felt like it was love at first sight and they flirted from a distance with facial expressions and actions trying to be cute. The second couple in the story, Much Ado About Nothing, is Benedick and Beatrice. They are the type of couple that want to hide their love for one another. They do not want to show that they really like each other. “Benedick: Do not you love me? Beatrice: Why no; no…show more content…
They are constantly attempting to flirt by kind of pushing each other away without really hurting one another. It is a playful type of being rude to eachother. This is their way of trying to conceal their love for one another. The are constantly insulting each other and they use insults to kind of hide their love for each other. The show their love for one another at the very end. Once Claudio finds out that Hero is not dead and they get married. Benedick stands up and claims his love for Beatrice. At first, Beatrice tries to keep her game of playing hard to get. Once she gives up her game, Beatrice runs into Benedick’s arms and they hug and kiss. That is really the only time they really show physical love for each other. They do a really good job of masking their emotions till the
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