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Directions: Please type your entire synthesis essay on this document. Be sure to leave time to proofread your essay to avoid losing points for grammatical errors like capitalization. I believe that as time has moved along towards the present day from the Elizabethan Era, the ideas that hold people within a certain gender role has become much different, but in a few ways, stayed the same as they have always been. The world is a lot less restricting on the way in which they view people and the way they act from day to day. One way that gender roles have changed drastically from mid 1500’s is now it’s completely normal in most societies for to be who they want to be. This is in means to work, education, and life in general. Source two states that in 2012 “only 18% of all adults agreed that ‘women should return to their traditional roles in society.’” This means that 79% of adults completely objected to the suggestion that women should be working in the home rather than out in the world working. The sociologist, Michael Kimmel,…show more content…
One of the biggest examples can also be seen in Much Ado About Nothing. When Beatrice begins to have hatred towards Claudio she sends Benedick to challenge and kill him. She says, “ A very even way, but no such friend.” Benedick questions, “May a man do it?”. This is when Beatrice declares that, “ It’s a man’s office, but not yours.” This statement is almost demeaning him by saying he wasn’t man enough to kill another man. This idea is also mentioned in the first source where is says that one of the themes of the Male Sex Role is “acceptability of violence, aggression, and daring in men’s behavior.” This, in a way means that men are expected to be violent and not to be is almost uncharacteristic and unnatural. Of all the things that haven’t been changed in gender roles, this is probably the

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