Much Ado About Nothing: The Capitalization Of Women

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Directions: Please type your entire synthesis essay on this document. Be sure to leave time to proofread your essay to avoid losing points for grammatical errors like capitalization. “The argument is summarized in exchange for women and men in the passage of time.” According to the information of the book and also of sources 2 and 4 all they agree that there is change along the old age and the new era, because the man thought differently and provide further that a woman working at home and provide further that a woman also could not take marriage if she was not a virgin, today we see many women working and some are mothers and although there are laws that protect them and can make actions that before were not doing there. According to Shakespeare “ Much Ado About Nothing” Both gender roles have changed throughout time. “But you are more intemperate in your blood Than Venus, or those pampered animals That rage in savage sensuality”(pag.154).Before women just because of not being a virgin views were wrong, because it was a great in the eyes of all sin and women deserved death for his act, men were more possessive and had more power over women. “watch your tongue! Have you no…show more content…
“ Today women make up almost half of the U.S labor force on 2012 nearly as many working-aged women (68%) as men (79%) were in the labor force”The percentage of women is almost like the man that is working almost like the man, ie there is a change. “Relatively few (21%) think the trend toward more mothers of young children working outside the home is a good thing for our society, and only 16 % say having a mother who works full time is the ideal situation for a young child”. This has also changed some think it is a bad reason for women to work if they are mothers, but it is also a bad thing because not only can bring to your home
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