Muckrakers Greek Speech

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Dustin Johnson The Muckrakers 9/19/16 Page Break When "Teddy" Roosevelt was giving the speech The Man With a Muck Rake, he was watching literally as the area around Washington DC was being built. He was at the laying of the cornerstone of the Cannon Building, Sunday, April 15, 1906. The Speech has 5 basic parts; The first would be him telling us what he feels, the second would be him relating to his audience most of whom would already have studied Pilgrim's Progress. The third is where he is speaking about how it would be relating to the audience. The fourth would be confirming his argument that he is making. And the conclusion, the fifth, is a charge. In the first section, President Roosevelt is using his ethos and logos to establish his credibility with his audience. The reference to Pilgrim's Progress is the hook that draws the listeners in, and he references it throughout the speech. His logos or logic in how he structures the…show more content…
When he does this he is using pathos to metaphorically slap his audience in the face. The audience is the journalists who are slandering and "muckraking" all the filth of politics and mushing it around them. These journalists are just making politics worse than they should be. As the man with the muck rake is raking in the muck in the room, a celestial crown appears above him. But he is focused on the things of this world, the worldly things, and thus is unable to look up and take the crown. If he would look up and take the crown then he would have a better life. This is what these journalists are doing. They are raking in everything that they can and reporting it. They report it in the worst possible light though, favoring either one political party or the other. They slander and sometimes even outright lie. These reporters are at the site, listening to the speech. The people are
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