Muckraking Isis Informative Speech

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Muckraking Isis There is a serious problem in the world today involving Isis. If it gets worse, which it probably will the whole world could be in a big dilemma. It’s only in a couple countries right now, but it could easily go worldwide. Isis is a terrorist group kind of like Al Qaeda. They are heartless monsters who are hungry for power and want to control everything. Wherever Isis goes they kill and are a problem. Isis established in 2004 by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. He was close to Osama bin Laden, but he wasn't a part of Al Qaeda. Isis is a violent terrorist group who are determined to kill all Muslims that do not accept their brand of Islam. They are also killing whoever opposes their religion. They even kill there own if they do something wrong or disobey orders. Innocent children are also a part of Isis. They take away children from their families and train them to kill. Boys that three years or older are taken to go with Isis to train. Not to long ago a ten year old boy beheaded a grow man that Isis captured. Also not that long ago ten and twelve year old boys lined up and executed about twenty men Isis captured. Children at that age should not be doing that they should be in school and with their rightful families. Kulina 2…show more content…
Also, they are threatening to execute a second one. When James Foley was killed, our nation went crazy. Everybody wanted to do whatever they could, to get payback on Isis for killing him. Even after our fellow American are being executed by Isis Obama still won’t attack them. A couple days ago Russia started to attack Isis territories. Obama said and I quote, “Anti Isil strikes are good for Isil and is strengthening them”. Therefor Obama is saying that Russia isn’t helping with the crisis at all they are only strengthening it even though Obama hasn’t done anything to
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