Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters Literary Analysis

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“Man is the coldest as well as the warmest.” This quote means that humanity can be the kindest as well as the meanest. As shown in “Mufaro 's Beautiful Daughters” a book by John Steptoe. Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters is about two sisters, Manyara and Nyasha, who are very beautiful. But they have completely opposite personalities. Manyara is selfish and ignorant, while Nyasha is kind and generous. Then word reaches them that king is looking for a kind and caring wife. So Manyara and Nyasha both want to get married. So Manyara is in a rush and leaves at night. She encounters two people that have problem and is rude to the. How ever when Nyasha meets them she is kind. Then it turns out the king was the people with problems, and then chooses Nyasha
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