Muff Potter Argumentative Essay

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Muff Potter was always known as the town drunk. Muff Potter was also at the wrong place at the wrong time. He is seen digging up a body at the cemetery for Dr. Robinson (96). Injun Joe is tired of Dr. Robinson’s games and demands a raise. He then tries to kill him (97). Muff is knocked out, and Injun uses Muff’s knife to kill Dr. Robinson (97). Muff is framed for murder by Injun Joe (98). Muff was arrested and Tom felt so guilty that he goes and comforts Muff (113, 115). When Muff is on trial, Tom stands up and testifies against Injun, and frees Muff (215). The climax of the story is when Muff is framed for murder. This scenario shows how sly and sneaky Injun Joe can be. The scenario also shows how your reputation can help you or hurt you.
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