Mughul Gardens In Kashmir

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Mughul Gardens in Kashmir
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The celebrated Mughal gardens of Kashmir owe their grandeur primarily to Emperor Jahangir who had an undaunted love for Kashmir, and his son Shah Jahan. Jahangir was responsible for the careful selection of the site and manoeuvring it to suit the requirements of the traditional paradise gardens. Although the Mughals never deviated drastically from the original form or concept of the gardens, their biggest challenge in Kashmir was to exploit the chosen site and the abundance of water resource to its maximum potential. The sites
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The word bagh in Urdu or Hindi means garden. The Agra garden, now known as the Ram Bagh, is thought to have been the first charbagh in India. The memoirs and biographies of the Mughal emperors, including those of Babur, Humayun and Akbar contains the textual references of Mughul gardens, and even European travelers had made the mention of various gardens of Mughul in their old writings.
The most royal and beloved pastime for Mughul emperors used be gardens. It is been said that the Babur who was the first Mughul conqueror-king had build many gardens in Lahore and Dholpur. In the initial times of their Kingdom, Humayun, his son never had time for building such gardens, As he had been busy reclaiming and increasing his realm, but its belived that he used to spent lot much time at his father’s gardens.
Several gardens first in Delhi, then in Agra were built by Akbar. The beauty of such gardens was the focus on riverfront rather than fortress gardens which his predecessors built during their times at various places in Asia. His contribution towards such Islamic architecture influenced Mughal garden architecture
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His numerous trips to Kashmir are believed to had helped him to share great love for naturalistic and abundant floral design. But, he hadn’t contributed much in building Mughul gardens in India.
Jahangir 's son, Shah Jahan, marks the zenith of Mughal garden’s structural and floral design. His most famous construction is Taj Mahal, which he built in memory of his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. He had also built the Red Fort at Delhi which contains the Mahtab Bagh, a night garden that was packed with night-blooming jasmine and other pale flowers and white marble to glow in the moonlight. This and the marble of the Taj Mahal are inlaid with semiprecious stone depicting scrolling naturalistic floral motifs, the most important being the tulip, which Shah Jahan adopted as a personal

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