Muhammad Ali: A Brief Biography

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“Come on Ali”, screamed Angelo Dundee as Muhammad Ali fought for his third world championship. Muhammad Ali was and still is one of the greatest sports icon ever. But becoming one of the greatest boxer to ever play the sport was not easy to accomplish. Just to become a professional boxer you need to be tough, strong, and agile, to understand how Muhammad became so good at what he did you need to know about his early life, great accomplishments,setbacks, and his legacy.
First off Cassius Clay who later changed his name to Muhammad Ali due to his religious beliefs in 1964. Muhammad was born January 17, 1942 in Louisville Kentucky. Muhammad learned to fight at the age of twelve years old from an police officer named Joe Martin in 1954 after Muhammad’s bike was stolen.
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HIs fighting style might of been weird or odd but it sure did work for young Muhammad. At the age of 18 Muhammad won a spot on the 1960 American summer olympic team and went on to win a gold medal in the light heavyweight championship. Ali won his first heavyweight championship against Sonny Liston in February 25, 1964 at the age of 22. Muhammad would soon go on to win the world championship 3 more times and would win his 3rd against 7 to 1 odds, he won last championship going head to head against his career rivil, Sonny Liston. Throughout his 21 year long career he managed to win 56 boxing matches and 37 of those wins were by knockout and only lost 5 matches! Towards the end of his career he refused to go to the war of Vietnam because of his religious beliefs and was stripped of one of his championship titles and was sentenced a 3 year ban from boxing. Muhammad retired from his very successful boxing career in 1981 at the age of 37. Muhammad Ali’s career was one of the most exciting and successful, he was the first person to ever win the world championship 3
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