Muhammad Ali And Mike Tyson Analysis

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A mixture of sweat and blood drops off the rope and onto the boxing ring. A man among the thousands in the crowd spills his drink as he jumps for excitement over one’s boxer winning the match. While, another man, still cheers for the boxer whose head down, defeated by the winner. The champion bounces around the ring, lifting both arms in the air as a victory sign, just as the opponent makes his way through the ropes, trying to keep his head up with his coach’s help. These two boxers, Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson represent two different techniques of boxing and the society. Ali displayed his natural gift of the game, articulate and an enthusiast boxer, a champion in and out of the boxing arena, whereas Tyson portray, again and again, a blurred, street thug who won in the boxing game but lost in the eyes of the public. Muhammad Ali came into the boxing scene by winning a gold medal during the 1960 Olympics in Rome, Italy. Boxing critics and the public were not in favour of his boxing skills, nor were they of his behaviour. They believe Ali was self-promoting himself with this phrase “I am the greatest” and disliked the dramatically portraying himself to his opponent and the public for an upcoming fight “Float like a butterfly sting like a bee.” They view him with disbelief on his connection with the Nation of Islam and changing his slave name from Cassius Clay to his current name Muhammad Ali, who strongly against the segregation and the injustice to African-Americans.

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