Muhammad Ali And The Rise Of An American Hero Analysis

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In the story of “King of the word: Mohammad Ali and the rise of an American Hero” by Remnick, David. The author has written a story about the most dynamic modern hero of all time. Mohammad Ali was born on January 17, 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky. Mohammad Ali has changed the worlds of sport and went on to change the lives of many people around the world. Ali became the world most famous athlete that is well known throughout the globe. He was a sport icon of his era as well as a dynamic figure in the racial and cultural battles of his time. Ali grew up in the south when racism was at its highest. According to Remnick, David he stated that “Like any black child of his generation, Cassius Clay Learned quickly that if he strayed outside his neighborhood to the white neighborhood of Portland, …show more content…

86). From the start of his life Ali rebelled against everything and anyone that would look down on him or his people. He refused to accept the stereotypes that many African American faced during that time. Ali came forward to get his political views across, as well as his new religion, and his new name. His actions at that time nearly cost him the chance to fight for a heavyweight championship of the world. There is no doubt that Mohammad Ali is a great hero and beloved figure in American life. He was a person who faced America’s segregated society and while aiming to become the greatest boxer of all time. This book was set at a time where the people of colored were segregated from the white. During that time boxing was a very popular source of entertainment. The book King of the world talks about some of the pivotal figures of the 1960s. Which includes Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad, and Mohammad Ali career. Mohammad Ali was the greatest fighter of all time and Ali personal life and his professional boxing career has inspired many people around the world including me. Ali became one of the most respected athletes of all time due to the things he accomplished

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