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Childhood& Amateur Career “Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr.” is a very unfamiliar name; “Muhammad Ali”, however, is a name that reminds everyone of a glorious revolution. Muhammad Ali was born on the 17th of January, 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky. He was a black kid raised in a “black middle class” family. Ali’s father was a Methodist, but he allowed Odessa, his mother to claim both children as Baptists. He is a descendant of pre-Civil War era American slaves in the American South, and is predominantly of African-American descent, with Irish, English, and Italian ancestry. When Clay was 12 years old, he and his friend visited the Columbia Auditorium for an annual convention of the Louisville Service Club. Clay was riding a $60 red and white Schwinn…show more content…
In an interview, the day after becoming heavyweight champion; he publicly reported his devotion to the NOI and revealed his new name Cassius X. This sent his parents into panic, as well as demeaned his father’s name; as Clay Jr. was named after his father. Elijah also stated that the reason behind Cassius’ success is his faith in Muhammad as the messenger of Allah. Cassius insisted that Later, Elijah gave Cassius the name Muhammad Ali, because being a Muslim required an Arabic name. The controversy thus appeared from two different positions. The first objection was by Malcolm X, who recalled the NOI criticism concerning Ali’s profession. He viewed their approach to Ali as only means of getting closer to him, and not spiritual. He believed that their actions were unethical, which led to him leave the group in 1964. His friendship with Ali ended a short time after Ali joined the Nation. Malcolm was later assassinated in 1965 by members of the…show more content…
His first marriage was to waitress Sonji Roi in 1964, where they divorced two years later. A year later he married Belinda Boyd, who changed her name to Khalila Ali, and converted to Islam. Together, they have four children. One of their children was named Muhammad Ali, Jr. after his father. In 1977, Ali’s second marriage was over, and in the same year he married Veronica Porsche. Veronica was an actress and model, with whom Ali was having an affair two years before his second marriage ended. Together, they have two children. In 1986, Ali and Veronica were divorced. Later that year, Ali married Yolanda Williams. They have one son, who was adopted. Ali also has two daughters from extramarital relationships. Boxing and African Americans In 1908, Jack Johnson became the first Black heavyweight boxing champion. Ever since, boxing spectators were waiting for a new white champion. His record of 2,151 days with the title is the third longest time in the history of

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