Muhammad Ebraham Case

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Mohammad Ebrahim testified that he believes that he was born in 1977 and that he is approximately thirty-six years old. He can read and write Dari and Farsi and he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Dari Literature in 2014. He now manages a news agency in Takhar, Afghanistan, where he lives with his family. He also claims that he is employed by the police and obtains intelligence regarding the Taliban. He has traveled to several countries in the region and intends to travel to the United States for the trial.

The witness testified that Honeywell and Midwest are at fault for the accident because they were working for Pamir and they were operating the radar and providing instructions to Pamir. In addition, Honeywell was directing the landing of the aircraft. The witness felt that it was common sense that these companies were at fault because there was an accident. Further, he testified that there were several media reports that provided information that the companies were at fault, but he did not recall any specific media sources and the family did not have recordings or copies of such reports.
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She is approximately thirty and they have a son and a daughter. They lived in the house that his father, Mohammad Hossein, owned. The decedent inherited the house, a farm with an area of approximately three jeribs (1 jerib = 2.4711 acres) and a building materials delivery business when his father died of high blood pressure approximately thirty-five years ago. The family still owns the farm and collects 3,000 USD in annual rents on the
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