The Prophet Muhammad's Influences

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There have lived many great people throughout the course of history who have left major influences in the world. The most important influences come from major religious figures, as their ideas and teachings have influenced society and politics. The most influential of all the religious figures in Islam was the Prophet Muhammad, and his achievements influence the modern economy, politics, and society. Muhammad was born in 570 in Mecca, a town in what is now called Saudi Arabia. His father died before he was born, and his mother and a nurse raised him until the age of five or six, until his mother died of illness. After his mother’s death, he was placed in the care of his grandfather, who had a very strong influence on his life (Sechzer, 2004).…show more content…
To fully understand the Islamic religion, we must understand the story of Muhammad because his prophecy was so influential and his message still continues to exist. Muhammad was the last prophet that was sent by Allah. Allah has chosen Muhammad because he has similar characteristics to Allah, and he Prophet was also featured in the community as a leader of Islam (Sechzer, 2004). Muhammad is a role model to every Muslim in the world. His message was that all men must worship the one true God, Allah. Muhammad was a leader who fought for the purpose of religion (Sechzer, 2004). Even before Islam was emerged, the Greeks and Romans affected the whole area from Libya, Egypt, and India. Muhammad formed the basis of Islam, which is still present today (Sechzer, 2004). Muhammad and his followers traveled the Middle East, spreading the new religion and the new way of life to gain more people following them. These men and women still continue to follow the Law of Islam based off the Quran. Muslims follow the Qur’an to live by what is right by God and use the teachings of Muhammad to live by the Prophet’s example (Sechzer,

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