Frantz Fanon And Mohammad Iqbal Summary

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Author: Dr. TanveerHussain
IqbalInstitute of Culture and Philosophy,
Kashmir University
This paper tries to explore the counter-discourse dimension in the works of Frantz Fanon and Muhammad Iqbal. Orientalism divides world into halves, namely, the Orient and the Occident. This division is not done on equal footing, rather Orient is placed in opposition to Occident. If Orient is place of barbarism, ignorance and moral deprivation, then Occident is full of culture knowledge and ethical values. This asymmetrical relationship makes Occident all what Orient is not. In this way, west projected itself as place of human value and ethics where human evolution has reached to its apex, both culturally and biologically. In this paper an attempt has been made to highlight the role played by Fanon and Iqbal in deconstructing the myth of the superior Occident by exposing the anti-human and materialistic nature of the imperial west.
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The violence done by colonists was both physical and mental. The purpose of this violence was to colonize the land and mind of native by sheer force. To demonstrate the two levels of violence we can firstly refer to the case-I, described by Fanon, involving the impotency in an Algerian man following the rape of his wife by colonial French soldiers. In this case, Fanon narrates a story of a 26 year old young Algerian man whose wife was raped by French soldiers for her husband’s involvement in anti-colonial activities. Not only was she beaten ruthlessly in physical terms but she was also raped, which was an instance of greater psychological violence done to her. Consequently, her husband was very much shocked when he heard about the incident and was afterwards frequently suffering from insomnia, absence of mind and headache with somatic ramifications

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