Muhammed Ali: A True Hero

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Muhammed Ali is an excellent example of a hero because he was an excellent fighter, he stood up for what is right, and he was very brave. Muhammed Was born January 17th, 1942, in Louisville, Kentucky ("Muhammed Ali's early years and amateur career"). He lives in a mansion in Kentucky with his wife Yolanda. Muhammed has a son named Asad and two daughters named Miya and Khaliah. In 1960 Muhammad Ali was in the Olympic Games and won the gold medal in fighting. He also won the world heavyweight boxing champion in 1964 ("Muhammed Ali Biography"). During the 1970's Muhammed Ali denied the draft for military and was stripped of his title. He was suspended for three years but reclaimed title two more times. He beat Joe Frazier and George Foreman for…show more content…
In 1975 Ali threw his gold medal into the Ohio river for not being served at a "whites only" restaurant near by ("Be like Muhammed Ali"). Even though Ali was a great fighter and was well respected he got racist comments on the streets and threats from white men. This angered Ali to the point where he dropped everything he was doing and made a Anti-racism organization to stop racist people. Muhammed Ali was also heroic for going after world peace and fighting terrorism. Muhammed Ali quoted "Service to others is the rent you pay for your house on earth" ("Muhammed Ali"). Ali went to Afghanistan in 2002 to be a UN messenger of Peace and was there for a week for good will missions as an ambassador for the UN. After he retired from boxing Muhammed gave his life to promote peace around the world. He goes around the world giving himself to hunger and poverty relief. He supports education of children and promotes parents to adopt a child and helps people learn to help and respect each other. Ali has given money to provide twenty-two million meals to feed the homeless. Ali gives more than two-hundred days of the year to serve others around the world each
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