Mukesh Ambani Leadership Style Analysis

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The leadership style of Mukesh Ambani is very distinctive. He is very different to how a Steve jobs or Michael Dell would function. Mukesh Ambani doesn’t restrict himself to the traditional boundaries of monocratic, transformational and situational leaderships among others. His own unique methods are what make for the Mukesh Ambani leadership style. Before probing into Mukesh Ambani leadership style, it is necessary to understand how he thinks and how he approaches his work. To put it simply, Mukesh Ambani is a visionary. He can think of the future; the unknown. He knows what technology will be feasible in the future. He understands the sustainability of a company and its potential not based on its present promises but what it promises in the future. It is this ability of the Indian billionaire that has ensured the unprecedented success of Reliance Industries, a conglomerate that was founded by the father of Mukesh Ambani but what was steered into unparalleled success by him.…show more content…
Mukesh is an impatient man. He wants solutions to the problems at the earliest. For that purpose, he employs only the best of the best. But one thing is for sure, he doesn’t pretend that he knows the solution to each and every problem. He believes that the difference between leaders and followers is that leaders lead followers and followers follow leaders. He has always been of the view that smalrt leaders are those who have the ability to develop smart followers. A leader working with an incompetent or incapable team will never be a great leader. In every diversification process that Reliance has undertaken, he did not rely on existing leaders in his business. He instead opted for talented manpower and smart leaders who have expertise in the specific domain where Reliance was venturing into. This has since then become a trademark of how the man
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