Mukherjee Character Analysis

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Mukherjee did not considered Jasmine “a good person,” she was a “balck-mailer” and a “murderer” who has dumped a good crippled man. But she considered her a “love goddess” a “life-force”. She was not mortal in the conventional sense but her mortality was her own way of looking at life. She was a ‘path-finder’ and pierces her way through the dense jungle of problems. Every movement added to her self-confidence and her experience guides her future course of action. She was fluid and adjusting her each and every role. Mukherjee’s following observations border on confessional note: ‘The kind of women I write about, are those who are adaptable. We’ve all been raised to please, been trained to be adaptable as wives, and that adaptability is working…show more content…
His profession in the United States of America was not so respectable by Indian standards. He was not the only one who faces this identity crisis. Each immigrant encounters the same crisis and to protect themselves they build a new world, within the new world, which was a counterfeit of the old one. Jasmine smuggled herself in USA, encountered all kinds of humiliation, in order to fulfilled her husband’s dream. But unlike a dutiful wife, she was more resilient to her situation. Reality of America was hard and makes her cringe inside initially. The disparity between the rich and the poor was very wide in India but it exists in States too.
Through her Lutheran benefactress, she became “Caregiver” to Wylie and Taylor and their little girl Duff. Just as in the short story Jasmine in Middleman and Other Stories, the Trinidadian immigrant fell in love, so here, too, does Jasmine with Taylor. When Wylie fell out of love with her husband, there was an idyllic interlude for Jasmine. But she left in fear and terror when she spots Prakash’s assassin. Then there was Bud, and that was another story. Jasmine comments: “I have had a husband for each of the women I have been. Prakash for Jasmine, Taylor for Jase, Bud for Jane. Half –Face for Kali.”
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