Mukherjee's Argumentative Essay

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2. The type of comparison and contrast Mukherjee uses in this essay, is the point-by-point pattern.
5. The argument Mukherjee makes for becoming a U.S. citizen, is that America spoke to her in ways that India didn’t. She feels the need to be a part of the communities within the United States, in order to try and make her home the best place possible. Lucky enough for her, those needs can easily be met as a citizen, if she’s willing to make an effort to work and talk with the right people. Not to mention, Mukherjee is very interested in breaking away from the typical culture norms that follow with being Indian, while attempting to transform her identity. Tradition isn’t the main focus for the author; she’s just trying to live life in her own way. Plus life as a citizen in the U.S., helps defer from a lot of the issues currently surrounding visiting, working, or illegal immigrants within the country. It’s obvious Mukherjee sees a lot more opportunities and an easier living style for people who become citizens within the United States.
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Mukherjee’s sister doesn’t believe it’s fair that the U.S. can try to punish her, when she’s always acted as a great member of society in the United States. She believes the treatment of immigrants like herself in the U.S., is often unfair and full of criticism. Her main focus is returning back to India when she retires, because she identifies with her home country. It’s there when she can feel accepted and fully comfortable in her surroundings. The U.S. doesn’t give her that vibe, and as conflict about immigration continues to worsen here, it only pushes her closer to India’s way of
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