Mulan 1998 Movie Analysis

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Analysis of Movie Mulan Mulan 1998 is an animation comedy directed by Robert Souci highlighting the gender stereotyping and feminist empowerment, through the efforts done by a Chinese traditional lady, Milan. This animated movie holds a prominent position for being a sole film based upon Chinese legend, in Walt Disney’s production. It is amongst Disney’s best films, aesthetically, with the animation production proving its worth. This is through effectively keeping the viewers focused on the existing dialogue; vis-à-vis dazzling and hence making them engrossed in the film. In terms of sound and musical production, the film is evidently amongst the top, with Mulan’s solo at the film’s beginning, beautifully laying out both her doubts and insecurities as an individual. This is what sets the stage for her adventure and subsequent growth into maturity, through colorful story pacing. The paper will analyze the film “Mulan 1998, presenting various elements, ideas and themes presented. The discussion will therefore endeavor towards gaining greater insight into the intended meanings presented in the film, through the general flow of the plot, character role-play and…show more content…
This is a lady who can truly express her emotions, while at the same time being able and capable of charting her own future. This is evident through her musically presented thought-play “When will my reflection show who I am Inside?” Maslin. Li Shang, the able-bodied by the books army leader is critical towards Mulan’s eventual self-awareness when he discovers she is an imposter, but spares her life. This is presented when they are attacked by the Hun army at the snowy mountainside. Indeed, Mulan is drawn towards Li Shang neither by his social class, nor looks, but rather by his character resolve and leadership

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