Mulan In Adeline's Strength

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“The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.”-Mulan.
Even though Adeline was not loved by many and hurt by many others, Adeline turned out to be the strongest of any one. Through thick and thin, Adeline stayed strong and gets even stronger. She used her obstacles like stepping stones, once she defeated each one, she used it to climb even higher. Because Adeline's mother died while giving birth to her, Adeline was blamed by her siblings for the loss of their mother. She suffered the sadness of not having a true mother and the meanness of her brothers and sisters and rose above it to be kind to everyone and to work hard and do everything to her best ability. This showed amazing strength like Mulan had in her battles against the enemy.
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Her only true friend was her Aunt Baba. However, not many others believed in her so she devoted herself to having excellent grades and getting the teachers’ praise. This made school almost like a safe haven for Adeline where she could feel safe. In her writing and other studies, Adeline would frequently compare herself to the female warrior Mulan, for comfort. Mulan was a brave and courageous girl and acting like Mulan would give Adeline the feeling of being a brave warrior instead of a sad and lonely girl. She showed her true courageous side when comparing herself to Mulan. Finally, Adeline knew that if she were Mulan, she would not have to deal with Niang’s evil deeds, Mulan would fight back and
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