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Mulan The movie is about the struggles and success of a woman named Mulan. Everything she did was a mess and brought disgrace to her family. An opportunity came and what turned out to be an action to protect her father turned out to be an avenue for her to prove herself of her worth. Since the Chinese army only allowed men, she entered the army disguised as a man. The training in the camp was hard considering that what they were up against is a strong Mongolian army. She was turning out to be a failure when she realized to double her efforts and to persevere for the sake of her family. Eventually, all her efforts paid off. The Chinese army won the fight against the Mongolian army and Mulan defeated the army’s captain. She was also considered by the emperor as the hero of China. Mulan did not only brought…show more content…
Mood The mood of the movie is quite manly with the essence of the war and army but Mulan’s feminine touch gives softness to the movie and the bright colors of the movie brought about a playful and pleasant mood to its viewers. VI. Movie’s Point of View The movie’s point of view was a third person point of view. Dramatic Aspect of the Movie I. Cast The cast and the voices of the characters were realistic. They exhibited good voice modulation and relayed the feelings of the characters to the viewers well. The dialogues were delivered well and can be clearly comprehended by the viewers. II.

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