Masculinity In Mulan

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1. Write at least five sentences explaining the central theme of the film “Mulan”.

In ancient china, alternative gender roles were not accepted and the end would be resulting in death. Mulan shows the “modern” woman, one who symbolizes behavior of masculinity. The ways she challenge gender tasks is seen through her efforts to cover her as a man. Mulan thus shows those who face the argument between how they want to act, and how women are supposed to behave keeping in mind the society’s principles and expectations. Usually it comes to mind that women are weak and cannot bring honor to her families by physical strength and they should bear sons, but Mulan proved this wrong by saving all of China. Women can be as powerful as any man; therefore they should not be silenced in the society as they play a very important role.

2. How does the matchmaker in the film describe a “perfect bride”?

Usually all men want girls with good taste, who work fast-paced, calm, obedient, with good
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Analyze a scene with a connotation that women’s work and achievements are undervalued by society.

Women 's work is undervalued because even though Mulan (as Ping) achieves the respect of the army commander and her companions, once they realize that she is a woman, her army commander and Shang, loses respect for her and starts hating her.

“Ping” was doing an even better job than Shang, but when he discovers that Ping is a woman, his male ego comes in the way. Mulan is sentenced to death, and Shang, eventually gets to decide her destiny. The only reason she stays alive is because Shang decides he 'd rather just send her home because she saved his life. There was a scene in Mulan where Chi Fu says 'Tis a woman. She will never be worth anything '. All Mulan 's work was undervalued as soon as people knew that ping is a woman.
At the end of the film, Shang fixes up his devastated ego by declaring Mulan as a suitor.

5. Give an example of breaking of patriarchal rule by Mulan in the
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