Mullet Finger: Movie Analysis

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Hoot Compare and Contrast Essay While Roy was chasing Mullet Fingers in the movie and the book Roy gets hit by a golf ball once. In the book and the movie, Roy, Beatrice, Mullet Fingers, Officer Delinko, Curly, Kimberly Lou Dixon, Chuck E. Muckle, and Dana Matherson are still the same characters. Dana Matherson is still bullying Roy. Roy punched Dana in the nose in the book and the movie. Roy, Beatrice, and Mullet Fingers save the owls in the book and the movie. Roy says he doesn’t see the running boy for a week before he sees him a second time. In the movie, Roy sees the running boy a second time the next day. No one calls Mr. Brandt Curly. Mrs. Hennepin was never in the movie. Roy was not allowed to ride the bus for 2 weeks. In the movie, Roy is not allowed to ride the bus for 3 days. Mullet Fingers stays in an ice cream truck in a junkyard, but in the movie he stays in a ship in a shipyard. When Mullet Fingers dumped…show more content…
Muckle tied up in the trailer, But in the movie he did. Mullet Fingers got in a burrow hole and in the movie Mullet fingers just standed in front of the bulldozer. When Roy and Beatrice locked arms in front of the burrow and locked arms with Kimberly Lou Dixon but in the movie they never locked arms. Chuck E Muckle never drove the bulldozer in the book, but in the movie he did drive the bulldozer. Lonna Leep never came to the ceremony in the movie, but in the book she came to the ceremony. Officer Delinko never got promoted to detective, but in the movie he did get promoted. I hope you liked my essay, now I will say my opinion I really like the book Better than the movie by a long shot. The movie just went to fast and was missing a lot of details from the movie and it was changing different details and I just didn’t like that. The book just made for sense to me then the movie. The one thing I liked about the movie was that Officer Delinko made his dream come true and he got promoted and became a
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