Mullins V. Parkview Hospital Case Summary

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• Case Name, Citation, Year
Mullins v. Parkview Hospital, Inc. 865 N.E.2d 608 (2007).

• Facts of the Case
1. Ruth Mullins enters Parkview Hospital for a hysterectomy
2. Parkview Hospital is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
3. Parkview Hospital is a teaching Hospital.
4. Ruth Mullins Physician is Dr. Eastland, a respective employee at Parkview Hospital.
5. On November 14, 2000 Dr. Eastland and Ruth met a discussed that no photos or videos or outside people would be able to see the surgery and later crossed those sections out of the consent forms.
6. During the surgery, since Parkview is a teaching hospital, a student entered the operation room and preforms the intubation.
7. The student, Vanhoey, lacerated Mullins esophagus and it caused Mullins

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