Multi Agency Working Essay

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‘’When person, and the interests of a person should be at the centre of all relationships. People and where appropriate their carers, must be recognized as partners in the planning of services which should be integrated and based on collaborative working across all sectors’’ (Health, Social Services and Public Safety)
Multi-agency working involved a number of professionals from different medical services all working together to provide the best holistic care for the individuals using the health and social care services. Multi-agency working within the health and social care setting is very important for both the professionals and the patients because it can provide an overall quick and accurate procedure of care.

For example within a doctor’s
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Or even for example the topic of religion within a care home, different care homes could be religious for example Catholics, Christians or atheists. Knowing what if that certain individual follows a religious group would be important to know for his social approach within the holistic approach, the care home should have an activity planner, which could provide trips to the local church on Sundays, or for the priest to come within the care home this usually happens. Working in partnership with the local church would be important for any loss or death within the patient’s life time, the priest or nuns do usually visit the care homes. Working in partnership within a health and social care setting is important for example a person with a long term condition or illness should be central to all partnership working. Their expertise and knowledge about how their condition affects them physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. Where appropriate and with the agreement of the person with a long-term condition, partnership working should also involve
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