Multi-Cultural Influences That Have Influenced Multicultural Education

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Multicultural education has evolved from its original intent to a more inclusive approach. This approach is relevant in today’s society with specific goals that respects culture and each child as an individual. The chapter explains the aspects of early multicultural education historically and how it applies to education from a theoretical perspective. In addition, there are different approaches that educators apply in the education field and influences children’s development and understanding of diversity in the world around them. On a historical perspective, multicultural developed with the 1954 Supreme Court decision that affected education equality, by providing equal education in schools. In 1957, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act provided education rights to children with disabilities. On another note, in 1974, educational rights were granted to children that do not speak English. In addition, contemporary trends have developed to address multicultural aspects in the education field by developing programs and policies that target specific groups, such as Head Start programs, Title1, and the No Child Left Behind. In essence, by developing these programs and policies improves educational outcomes for children. In understanding…show more content…
These issues have increased our attention in understanding the development of race, ethnicity and culture. In addition, immigrants continue to shape our understanding on diversity by examining the acculturation to society and the diverse views that influences their families. Furthermore, the No Child Left behind Act influences the child development field by allowing states to develop standards that children must master at a specific age. The overall intent of this Act, focused on closing the achievement gap among
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