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Extract: In this essay, I will be talking about the supply chain management that Multi-Future BVBA uses. Multi-Future is a 25-year-old diamond manufacturing company that is based in Antwerp, Belgium. They operate worldwide in countries such as Hong Kong, Belgium, United States of America, Israel, and China. The diamond supply chain includes the diamond exploration process, mining, sorting, cutting and polishing, creating jewelry and selling the finished product. I have gone through Multi-Future’s supply chain and understood that there are certain things they are doing right, but also there are certain areas where they must improve on to increase their current market share and their current revenues. The reason Mr. Pankaj Shah (owner) decided…show more content…
The most important value matrices that Multi Future should follow are Total Cost Analysis, Strategic Profit Model and Customer Satisfaction. These metrics will help ensure that they maximize customer value and to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Total Cost Analysis is very important. It can enable Multi Future to compare their cost streams with other big companies. After identifying where un-needed expenses are being used, managers can increase profits by reducing the total cost of logistics. Although this is very time consuming, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, as there will definitely be a loophole that the company can exploit and bring in maximum revenues and low prices for its customers. Customer satisfaction is the most significant as it has a direct impact on the market share. Research shows that it is five times more expensive to bring in new customers than retaining old loyal customers. Another benefit that Multi Future can have through customer satisfaction is that the customer needs are also identified and this can help them align their services…show more content…
They need a plan to follow where they are sure of making profit in the long run. These models will help them analyze what new steps they could take to be ‘unique’ from the rest in the market. These models also measure net profit, return on assets, return on net worth and also assists managers in the evaluation of asset utilization decisions and cash flows. The only major disadvantage of this is the fact that cash flow timings are not monitored, but profit in the long run will be the guaranteed if done

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