Essay On Multi Grade Teaching

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Introduction Many teachers are worried when faced with the task of teaching a multi-grade class-which refers to ‘the teaching of different Ages, Grades, and abilities,’ (Little, 1995). Due to the wide range of ages, abilities, maturity and interests in a multi-grade classroom, the teacher may not know how: organize the classroom, plan lessons, using the curriculum, create time table and lead or supervisor students of varying ages and abilities, at once. This can be extremely difficult, especially for a new teacher who has just being introduced to the principles of multi-grade teaching. However, with proper planning and organization multi-grade teaching can be very advantageous for both the students and the teacher. In this diverse classroom, there can be benefits of the older students assisting younger ones in group activities and otherwise; multiple intelligent is being catered for by the teacher and other students will be getting the experience; students may become better at independent learning and develop a greater sense of responsibility, these and…show more content…
Two imperative factors she will have to identify in order to be an effective multi-grade teacher are: each student learning profile and readiness levels. These factors when observed will foster effective teaching and learning. The learning profile of students refers to the ways in which student best process information and ideas and ways in which learning styles, gender, culture, and intelligence preference influence the student learning (UNESCO 2015, little 1995). Numerous researches over a period of decades have concluded that addressing individual’s learning styles through flexible teaching results in increase academic
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