A Case Scenario Of A Multi-Stressed Family Case Study

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Here is an example of a case scenario based from a multi-stressed family. Ms Tan, a 39 year old single mother who lives at the northern part of Singapore in a rental block flat together with her 2 children, Sarah aged 7 years old girl, and her brother, John aged 8 years old. Her husband is currently serving 8 years of imprisonment for drug trafficking and usage of drug substances. Due to the absence of her husband presence and to sustain the financial expenses of the family, Ms Tan is presently the sole breadwinner of the family. She holds a night shift job as a full time cashier at 7-Eleven nearby her home. The mother is often so preoccupied with meeting the daily needs of the family that she had overlook the importance of being involved in…show more content…
Both of them will prepare their own school bags, school uniform and pack their own breakfast for school. The main challenge faced by Ms Tan is helping her children cope with the academic studies; the children had underachieved at school due to the many issues that they faced at home. Due to the children not being able to achieve academic success it had a great impact on the children’s self-esteem. It was also mentioned during the parent’s teacher meeting that Sarah and John were observed most of the times by their peers and teachers that they were easily disrupted and distracted in school. As their academic progress often falls below average aged levels they tend to display a lack of confidence and difficulties in expressing themselves when faced with challenging situations. Occasionally, there would be days as no one is around at home to wake the children up for school, the children will also miss attending school a few times in a month. The frequency of missing school in a month had resulted in poor attendance rate, not able to catch up with school work and not able to understand what the teachers are saying in…show more content…
Play and art therapy is used to treat children are not able to develop normally such as those who have experienced sexual, physical neglect, abuse or loss of family members. It provides them a way to express their experiences and feelings through a self guided, safe environment and a healing process. As children whose brains are in the process of development in early stages, most of them do not have the ability to speak verbally like an adult in articulating their perceptions, emotions and beliefs. Play and art therapy would be a good tool to allow children to express themselves through experiences, feelings, ideas that are shared in a communicative and visual way. Part of the play and art therapy sessions would consist of drawings, clay works and playing with toys to determine the cause of disturbed behaviours. Parent- child bonding would also be encourage during sessions this is to improve family communication and to allow parents to understand why children exhibits behavioural issues. It is also important to that during sessions parents discuss their thoughts that they see in their children to understand the importance of play in children and parents to be able to spend quality time with their children. In order for successful communication to be present within the family, one must be able to share

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