Multicultural Academy Review Sample

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Multicultural Academy, 5550 Platt Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48108 Multicultural Academy is a public charter school with 182 students enrolled from kindergarten through 8th grade (according to their website, but it is k-12th grade on with some comments mentioning high school students). The student body is ethnically diverse with 56% of the student body being African American, 25% White, 16% Hispanic, 1% Asian, and a small percentage of students are Hawaiian Native, Pacific Islander, Native American, Alaska native, or identify as two or more races. Seventy-four percent of the students are from low-income families and 51% are female (49% male). Their student to teacher ratio is 10:1, better than the state average of 19:1. All of their teachers are certified and 76% of them have at least 3 years of experience. The school is surrounded by fields, greenery, and residential housing. The school’s profile on is also unclaimed, meaning the school leaders have not updated their school’s page general information to share more about the school. It has…show more content…
I did not see explicit political goals listed in the comments but economic and social goals are clear. Parents want their children to be prepared for college so they can have more economic growth and move through the social later. Parents also want their children to build character, be more tolerant of others, and be apart of a social life at school. They emphasize these social and economic goals along with academic goals. Parents may feel this way about social goals because their children spend a large amount of time at schools and it is the easiest place for their student to be socialized. The reading help me understand why the parent commented on certain aspects and how other aspects, such as political goals, are so embedded in our thoughts that they are not
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