Multicultural And Multi-Ethic Culture In Malaysia

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Malaysia has a multicultural and multi-ethic society. Malaysia consist of three main ethnicity which is Malay, Chinese and Indian in Peninsular Malaysia, where in east coast of Malaysia there are Kadazan and Iban. There are many sub-ethic group in Malaysia, and for this assignment I have chosen Malayalam.
Malayalam is the native language of South Indian state of Kerala and the Lakshadweep Islands in the west coast of India. It is believed that Malayalam is derived from Tamil, another south Dravidian language during the sangam period. But many words in Malayalam are borrowed from Sanskrit, and this gives rise to a counter argument about the origin of the language. (Poozhikkadu, 2015)
After World War II, Malayalees traveled to Malaya seeking for a better life, most of them had come in for employment and were successful. They were initially employed on plantations as conductors, clerks and hospital assistant. Although bond with their home state was very strong, many decide to make Malaya as their second home. There are more than 35 million of Malayalam language speakers in India but, there are only 135 thousand in the Malayalees ethics group in Malaysia. Religious faith varies among the Malayalam speakers in India. Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are all present. (2015 All Malaysia Malayalee Association (AMMA), 2016) Today in Malaysia, the Malayalees are well represented in institutions of higher learning and professional occupations such as medicine,

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