Multicultural Counseling Paper

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Carl Rogers is one of the most influential psychologists and psychotherapist of the 20th Century. Uses the client-centered or person-centered approach. Rogers’ approach is considered nondirective viewed as a shorter term and more humane, more honest, more viable for most clients than the psychodynamic approach of Freud, it focuses on personal freedom and autonomy (Keurug, 2016). Rogers believed that the client was capable of solving their own problem.
Define the following terms: Values, Ethics and Morality. What is their relationship to the law?
Value is what is viewed as personally right or wrong. Sometimes the law will contradict one’s values, sense of morality and even professional ethics. Ethics describes the collectively agreed –upon “correct” behaviors within the context of a professional group.
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Although multicultural counseling was the main focus, social advocacy has taken a more prominent role (Neukrug, 2016). Multicultural competencies should be reflected if the counselor wants to effectively work with diverse clients. The counselor should be able to let go of their own beliefs, values and worldviews and see things through the client’s eyes. The advocacy competencies focus on three areas, which are the client/student, school/ community and public arena (Neukrug, 2016). Social justice is promoting a just society by challenging injustice and valuing diversity. It exists when all people share a common humanity and therefore have a right to equitable treatment, support for their human rights and a fair allocation of community resources. Depending on what the counselor’s beliefs are they have to be able to empathize. As a counselor our standards may play a critical role for us, as they provide our profession with a strong sense of where we have been, who we are and where we are
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