What Is Multicultural Education

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The schools will be one of the meeting places for students from different races, cultures and languages. Therefore, one of the objectives of education will promote respect for diversity within a context of equal rights.
According to Vazquez Gómez , a multicultural society is accomplished by following these conditions; To identify the subject (both minority and majority); establish the ultimate aims of education(by reducing conflicts and promoting cultural, participatory and democratic development); determine the processes and resources through which those ends are achieved and finally to project these processes in a curriculum framework.
Having clarified concepts such as interculturalism, multicultural education and the causes of its origin
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Body: Review of Researchs
The studies present here not only have been carried out interviews with immigrant families to discover their thoughts but also have gone into detail about the theoretical framework of what culturalism is and how the education system confront the current cultural diversity.
-Analysis of Multicultural Education in schools of Almería
This research was made by Encarnación Soriano Ayala who analyzed the current situation of immigrants students. Subject were students at some educational centers from the west side of Almeria. She wanted to know how are the relations between inmigrant pupils and their Spanish classmates and Spanish teachers because as she declared most of the times the school doesn't offer expected responses to cultural diversity ( lack of material and human resources and insufficiently trained teachers).
The objectives of this research were;
 To describe the living conditions of African immigrant students located in the west of Almeria
 To know and value the relationships established at school between the minority group (immigrant students) and the majority group ( Spanish students and
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Soriano Ayala stated that the education system should increase the self-esteem of students and their personal and social dimension.
-The challenge of intercultural education:
In this research, Ortega Ruiz and Minguez Vallejos propose a profound transformation of chool structures and practices in order to reach a dialogue and collaboration between culturally diferentiated groups. Also, they wanted to eliminate the old monocultural orientation because the context has changed in recent years. In spite of the diversity of models, the authors be inclined towards “The model of the integration”, which empashize common and different specific aspects of both groups.
How this integration is reached? According to Muñoz Sedano, is necessary to understand the cultural diversitu; increasing communication between people from different cultures, creating positive attitudes toward cultural diversity, and improving social interaction among cultural groups.
But it is only possible with:
-The agreement of the center: It requires the joint action of all teachers and also they have to put this attitude into practice by creating a microculture where pupils experience all rules, values,
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