Disadvantages Of Multicultural Education

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Multicultural education discusses many methods of different learning styles and approaches to influence children that are related to different racial, gender, cultural, and linguistic capabilities. It is also a method to make sure the uppermost level of education for all students, and not creating changes opposing anything. Multicultural education helps the students and teachers to improve positive confidence through facts and knowledge that are being showed in class. Some students, because of their precise traits, have a good chance to do well in school as it is currently organized than other students from other groups. Multicultural education is also a restoration of change that has been planned to get a transformation of the school; as…show more content…
Seyam’s class are all Arabs. Some are just learning English for the time in their life and some know how to speak English very well. When I asked Mrs. Seyam about multicultural education, she said that she is trying to do her best to help those who do not speak English and to get the level of their classmates who speak English, because she doesn’t want them to fall behind and not understand anything. She also stated that she enjoys teaching in a multicultural environment, because she sees the developments of the students from the beginning of the year till the end, and she feels so proud and happy for…show more content…
The ESL class is taught by an interference teacher who helps them with their language abilities, such as writing, reading, and even with math. Mrs. Seyam also works with those who needs help and tries to make them have the feeling to challenge those who are above the grade level in reading and writing. She asks the students to sit in groups of four, which she places the students of the same reading level together, and she gives different books for each group for their reading level. Each group is represented by a different color which symbolizes their level of reading. For example, the green group are seated in the green table in which they are the highest level group in the class, and the red table group are the lowest level group. These groups meet three times a week, to read and explain what they read by doing a group discussion. But, those who are at a low level Mrs. Seyam works and helps them, each day with their readings. In this process, Mrs. Seyam is mainly using tracking. In my opinion, having students in a group helps them to develop their thinking by talking about what they read, but I still think even if the group is at the highest level of reading or writing they might need some attention when it comes to group work, especially in the first

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