Multicultural Classroom Environment

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Creating a Multicultural Classroom Environment Multicultural can be described as a blend or a variety of different backgrounds, religion, beliefs, rituals, values, and traditions. Everybody is a part of at least one type of culture. Sharing these cultures with other people can be an amazing opportunity in the classroom. Students in America come from all over the world. The first goal when creating a multicultural environment is to recognize the uniqueness and individuality of a student with a diverse culture. The student should identify the similarities and differences among all people and embrace them. Giving students the opportunity to explore varying cultures helps them to realize that even though they may come from different cultures,…show more content…
The first steps of creating a healthy multicultural classroom stems from the teacher. The teacher plays a key role in the development of the children in the classroom. Having a good background knowledge on different cultures around the world is important for the teacher to understand more about their students. Being educated on a student’s beliefs, traditions, food, religion, and values, makes a significant difference. Learn the traditions of each child in the classroom. How do they celebrate birthdays? What are their favorite foods and family traditions? What holidays do they celebrate? How are they parented at home? Educate students and encourage them to ask questions about others who have different backgrounds. Another step to take when creating a multicultural learning environment is to have an attitude of acceptance towards others. As a teacher, you are a role model for children. They look up to you as their guide so practicing what you teach is critical. This requires having an open mind and respecting other people. Children model what they perceive, so the teacher's acceptance of various ideas, customs, and traditions, benefits them by learning to understand and respect other people. If a teacher doesn’t truly accept someone else, how could they teach a classroom of children to? I personally feel that if a teacher can’t accept others, they are in the wrong career field. Lastly, implementing multicultural outlooks into curriculum planning and classroom management skills is key for success. This will help other children experience diverse cultures in learning centers and activities. Demonstrating good character and accepting others shows children at a young age to respect and acknowledge other people, despite any differences they may have. The teacher plays a key role in the development of this
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