Multicultural Poetry Analysis

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Poets who are leading us to a Multicultural World Three exponents whose poems clearly illustrate Multicultural Poetry, are Duke Redbird, Hone Tuwhare, and Camille Dungy. These poets have something in common: they have given the world a supposedly peaceful poetry in which, in fact, they tell us about their urgency, despair, hopelessness, agony, and pain; yet, they also depict a defenseless Nature full of colors and sounds, life and rebirth, development and transformation, toil and perseverance, and hope. Besides, they have provided us with inspiration in order to build a new multicultural society where everybody can find his/her place interacting with their fellow citizen harmoniously regardless his/her ethnical origin. Duke Redbird, one of these exponents, reflects his misgivings about the ‘good Anglo-Saxon’s intentions’ with the Canadian indigenous communities. Yet, he also believes that reconciliation is possible, in spite of the differences between this groups and the foreigners. For this, he claims that it is necessary to share a cooperative attitude and openness (in Trapunsky, 2017). According to Redbird, self-preservation comprises arts, family, and education (in Trapunsky, 2017). Thus, he chose to fight against colonialism making use of these silent and powerful weapons. That is why in poems such as “The Beaver”, he conveys and teaches a vitally important point regarding human relationships, that is to say, respect. Since the very beginning of this poem, we can

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