Advantages And Disadvantages Of Interculturalism

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This essay will focus on to what extent is the concept of interculturalism different from multiculturalism. The focus will be primarily on what both terms actually stand for and how they are interpreted by society, while highlighting the differences between both terms and their polices. There will be examples of bad implementation of policies with reference to societies which show evidence of the clear disadvantages incorrect practice can bestow on an area. The focal point will also heavily weigh in on the benefits of interculturalism on feminism. ‘The term “multicultural” has come to define both a society that is particularly diverse, usually as a…show more content…
(Sarmento, 2014, pg4) However, this does not mean any level of mutual respect of cultural difference is put into practice. As a result of this, the society can live in such individual groups and stay their comfort zone without mixing with the society as a whole. Such societies can result in the “ghettos” in the suburbs of France called Banlieue. ‘The ‘ghettos’ are specially built for excluded and disfranchised migrants from France’s former North African colonies’ (Hassan, 2005) This article, focuses on such challenges that have risen due to the alienation of these migrants into suburbs away from society due to the imprecise practices of a multicultural society. It causes separation and boosts crime rates due to the level of inequality shown. The protests of the migrants are a result of the French Governments inability to integrate these people fairly into society. These migrants are reduced to poverty which gives rise to crime rates. This is a prime example of bad implementation of Government policy. The current crisis of the suburbs of Banlieue are an example of the failure of multiculturalism as there is no obligation for equality between migrants and the remaining people of the society. ‘The use of the

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