Multiculturalism In Canada Essay

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In definition, multiculturalism means the practice of giving importance to all cultures in one civilization. It has been actualized in some countries over decades such as Canada and some European countries. However, Angela Merkel, the prime minister of Germany, announced that the German multiculturalism has failed. Thus, the changes are bound to be controversial. In some people’s assessments, multiculturalism in Canada is unsuccessful. Racial segregation by tacit agreement, identity doubt of Canadian citizenship, and entrenched Eurocentrism have all combined to substantiate multiculturalism in Canada is futile.
First of all, multiculturalism is abortive in Canada because immigrants from one culture habitually separate from others. According
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Berry suggests that western and northern European immigrants are frequently considered as more positively than origins ( Berry, 2013). As a result, European background Canadians are easier to find jobs. Data from the article “Analysis of the Canadian Immigrant Labor Market, 2008 to 2011” illustrates that European background Canadians occupied the most range of proportion in a pie chart of the labor force rate in Canada ( CIC, 2013). In addition, the Euro centrism also affects the participation of politics. Most of the politicians are European background Canadians. Therefore, the Eurocentrism is a significant setting to against the multiculturalism in Canada.
However, most of the people believe that multiculturalism in Canada is successful. In fact, one-fifth of the population in Canada is from other countries, especially in Vancouver and Toronto, almost half of residents were not born in Canada. Although there are many pieces of evidence show that the multiculturalism policy is doing well, it creates many negative effects as well. Multiculturalism in Canada is unsuccessful due to those reasons above. All of those reasons reflect the fact that the multiculturalism policy in Canada works better in the theory than in the real
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