Multiculturalism In The Tempest

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The Tempest is a drama by William Shakespeare written in 1611, which was his shortest play built around the Bermuda shipwreck and the new world’s colonies. It can be considered as a romantic play, but at the same time it is a work that talks about the culture and history too. It has depictions about the problem of plague that had taken thousands of lives at that time. The trade and the resultant economic boom had resulted in farm family displacements. As the rural farm life gave away to the city life, the serene atmosphere that faded evoked nostalgia. The play had masque which had political purposes like making the ruler happy praising him and his period. These masques also had a cultural significance as they were trials to relive the past…show more content…
Because of the same reason his argument about multiculturalism and American history in this article is using The Tempest is suitable and justifiable. He had written it from the common man’s perspective understanding that the American history is much more than its discovery and its growth into a great civilization by conquering new areas. It had the involvement of many racial and ethnic groups who had to land or visit the place either by accident or by compulsion. He argues that the diversity and the multiculturalism had contributed to the America we see today. He points out that whether it is in the past or in the present, the encounter between races wouldn’t be a comfortable one, citing the odd silence he and his American driver shared realising their…show more content…
These immigrants include those from Asia like the Chinese, and those from Africa and North America .Brutal ways of slavery were imposed on them treating them as inferior in all ways, regarding them as cunning and lazy. All the belittlement that these groups had to endure was to rationalise the harsh treatments they had to endure. In that way, throughout the history, an illusion of justice was created. When the history was actually predominated by the different races in America, they were ill treated and denied of their

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