Multiculturalism In The Waiter's Wife By Zadie Smith

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The waiter’s wife

This story is written by Zadie Smith which is based on how a family from Bangladesh to adapt to the English system, 1975. Lot of things happen in the story, since the family is very difficult to get rid of the traditions they have brought with him from home. In this essay here, I'm going to get into how they are affected by British society and how it is to adapt to a completely different place than to what one is accustomed to in relation to the UK standards.

Like many other countries in Europe, the England one of the major countries in the world that has had tremendous many colonies around the world, which then led them to their communities they have today. Samad and Alsana Iqbal comes from Bangladesh as they left in 1975 and fled to England. They are not accustomed to a different society that is a multicultural society, since there is great diversity in the UK in relation to their homeland.

This quote can be found on page 1 line 25 ‘’So some
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There are '' kind '' people from many countries, and they coexist together in a room, though they are similar in appearance or background…show more content…
In England there is a huge diversity, but they have themselves helped to create, they are the ones who have colonized many countries, which thus led to people from countries fleeing away. Now we live in a globalized world where anything can happen, including in this narrative, there are some who are forcibly married to each other, there is 25 years’ difference on one and his bride. This just shows we are different and the culture and tradition you have, care must be taken to bring somewhere else, since it can be perceived incorrectly, although it is not wrong

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