Multidimensional Laplace Transform Lab Report

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Review of Multidimensional Laplace Transform and its Related Theorem

1. M. V. Dekate, 2. S.S. Adsad 3. J.R. Sontakke, 4. A.A. Lakha
1.2.3.Department of Mathematics 4Department of Mathematics
Datta Meghe Institute of Engineering Technology And Research (Wardha) M.S. Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar College of Engineering And Research (Nagpur) M.S. Abstract –Ordinary and partial differential equations describe the way certain quantities vary with time, such as the current in an electrical circuit, the oscillations of a vibrating membrane, or the flow of heat through an insulated conductor. These equations
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The Object of this paper is to explain general theory of Multidimensional Laplace Transform and its related theorem with Derivation. Examples are presented for each…show more content…
Examples are presented for each theorem.

Index Terms- Laplace transform, Multidimensional Laplace transform, Partial differential equation.


In 1990 [7] R.S. Dahiya and Vinayagomorthy Prove many new theorem and corollaries for solving Laplace transform of multidimensional . They also discuss boundary value Problems of telegraph equation and heat equation and many other example
Later in 1999 R.S. Dahiya proved certain involving the classical L.T. of N Variable and in the second Part solving non homogeneous linear differential equation of second order by multidimensional Laplace transform.
In 1992 [6] J. Saberio Najaji and R.S. Dahiya established several new theorem for calculating Laplace Transform of n dimensional and in the second part, application of those theorem to be used special function was considered , and finally, one dimensional wave equation involving special function was solved by using two dimensional Laplace transform
Recently [2][3][4] (2004,2006,2008) author, established new theorem and collieries involving system of two dimensional L.T. contain several

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