Multidimensional Poverty Index Analysis

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This project is loosely based on the model by Dhongde, S., & Haveman, R. (2015) “Multi-Dimensional Poverty Index: An Application to the United States”. In this paper author applied the same model for poverty ridden Chinese provinces. We all know how 2008 financial crisis affected the tops guns. But have we ever wondered how it affected the poor? An important breakthrough in the past decades at home and abroad is on understanding of poverty as the single income of poor from steering multidimensional poverty. However, research on exactly how the Multidimensional Poverty Index with the actual selection of countries and regions affects the right index and weight is still not deep enough. Multidimensional Poverty Index was developed by UNDP and…show more content…
Economists generally use economic conditions of a family as the acceptable level of the poverty. Similarly, extreme poverty is daily income of international standards of less than one US dollar. At many occasions, the definition of poverty differentiated between relative and absolute. Absolute poverty is based on how much money individuals have to meet their basic needs, such as food, clothing, shelter, etc., as a measure of the standard. The concept of absolute poverty does not cover broader life quality problem, or society as a whole of inequality. Thus, this concept does not take into account that an individual may have a significant social and cultural needs. As well as due to lack of criticism from other aspects of this field, it gave birth to the concept relatively poor. Relative poverty refers to the poverty of others in terms of the socio-economic situation where some people living to the level which is below the level of the mainstream of life belong to the…show more content…
From the narrow definition of poverty, the concept of social exclusion is brought into being. This concept refers to the many hardships. The number included in the conceptual understanding of poverty is one among them. To further elaborate the definition of relative poverty or relative deprivation of the concept we must consider three factors: income factor, when a person 's income is below the national poverty line. This is defined as the poverty line of income at which a person has only enough to exchange a certain amount of food; basic needs and factors, which covers a wide range of factors other than the income, including the need for the community to provide the necessary basic social services. In order to avoid this some people, fall into poverty; and finally the “get hold of the” ability (or empowering) factor, which means poverty represents the lack of certain basic skills. On the other hand, social scientists understanding of poverty, differs from economists. Economists believes that in the poor personal freedom of choice, individuals control their own destiny, so one should be responsible for their own poverty. Social scholars on how to measure the causes of poverty which they are not interested in the main study are generally the poor, such as culture, power, social structure and other major non-personal factors can be controlled. In view of this, the authorities must fully

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