Atradius Leadership Strategies

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It would be effective for an organisation like Atradius with both team members and leaders from all the three generations co existing, conducted sessions once in few months like employee engagement sessions they already have in place, but this would be more about inviting members and leaders of all age group and expose them to hypothetical situations that could arise in a company due to leadership strategy failures or highly successful leadership strategies. This would encourage employees to have a discussion with their peers and other employees of other levels as well regarding the leadership styles that are appropriate and will also give different perspectives to the choice of leadership style as the input is from various employees who are…show more content…
But improving skills should be the main priority for organizations who want to better deal with generational diversity. To effectively manage a multigenerational workforce, it is significant that Atradius should assess and evaluate that workforce and how the organization supports its employees. By conducting such assessments, the organization can understand the talent it possesses and its future needs so that the company develops the most appropriate programs to support employees and implement it more effectively. Additionally, in a constantly evolving workforce, the organization should constantly evaluate its workforce programs so that it can determine if the programs are effective and whether the cost of investment in those programs has a beneficial effect on the company’s ability to accomplish its mission. It is highly important the team leaders are trained keeping these issues in mind. It is necessary to bear in mind that “one size does not fit all” hence it is important for leaders to have a situational approach as mentioned in the discussions . To be trained well enough to know the situations in which they can establish participative style behaviours and situations where they can establish their authoritative behaviours. Hecnce making the team more effective with the employees of different…show more content…
To begin with , It would be interesting and would give more depth to knowing how each and every factor of team effectiveness if being affected by analysing and measuring these 7 factors in depth individually to see what kind of measurement models there is to measure these factors and how these factors are affected by the team leader leadership traits. For example looking in depth on how the trust , talent or the team leader fit in a multigenerational team is being affected by the classic leadership styles. To see to what extent leadership styles moderate and mediate the relationship between the team effectiveness and the generational diversity present in the team by performing mediation and moderation analyses in order to get a deeper and clearer understanding of what role a leader plays in influencing this relationship. Looking into different variables of generational differences and study closely their relationships with both the team effectiveness and leadership styles. For example , looking into how internal communication affects team effectiveness or how the generation gap in knowing technical advancements affects team
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