Multilateralism In International Relations

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The concept of "multilateralism" is a concept that is increasingly coming to the fore in the literature of international relations, but often ambiguous, whose name is too late, but not very centralized in its disciplined work. By its simplest definition, multilateralism is a diplomatic term that expresses cooperation between many nations. In international relations, the concept of multilateralism is a concept that does not have complete clarity and does not fully agree on its meaning. Multilateralism has become a concept that has been spoken and discussed on the merits of the collapse of the Soviet Union and the decline of the Eastern Bloc, but has been associated with the post-World War II era, in which the multilateral agreements led by the United States have developed rapidly. As a result, multilateral trade union processes and practices have become more preferred and practicable than the old ones. Although it is more recent in the past years, it is not a new concept, it can go back to 1648 Peace of Westphalia. While the application does not point to a brand new change in international relations, it is a new context of the concept as it will be stated in the context of the content in the future. It is possible to talk about two definitions of the concept of quantitative (quantitative) or qualitative (contextual). It refers to the practice of bringing together at least three countries in order to bring about a general definition for quantitative. When we look at the
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