Multilingualism Importance

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Since the beginnings of humanity, people use the code of language to communicate and share your life experiences with the next generations. With the advance of technology and the increased network systems to spread this code, the humanity has gone beyond the borders of their countries, emerging a new class of citizens called global citizens. Being a global citizen means being aware about events such as external conflicts, technological developments and all kinds of cultural manifestations around the globe. Moreover, this habit tends people to practice multilingualism, which plays a fundamental role in spreading these knowledges to every single person in the Earth. All at once, how does multilingualism promote this global citizenship and cultural…show more content…
When you speak someone's native language, you can talk about a lot more than the weather and other daily fillers. Building deep and meaningful relationships with foreign communities usually involves speaking and understanding, partially at least, the same language. In other words, people that have the opportunity to get out of their comfort zone, go to another country, immerse themselves in the local culture of a different country are able to help by sharing not only their needs but also the…show more content…
Once, some people are able to influence the local environment, they already have the skill to bring great opportunities to the both national and international contexts. To illustrate this, a young men or woman who has gone abroad someday. First, he/she had to make a little change in his/her head which resulted in a major achievement. Then, this is similar if you take at a higher scale. All small action will result a small or big impact. It depends on all of us.
As well as “There are a number of aspects that a play a role in the moral dimension of global citizenship. One prerequisite is awareness of what is going on outside one’s own direct environment (Kleur Bekennen, 2008); a world view where one feels committed to and responsible for others in this world (Hett, 1993).” Being conscientious about the role of multilinguistic people in the world, means they must be aware of the power to influence the whole world, making it a better place to live, to raise our children and to decrease environmental
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