Wonder Woman As Dc's Brand Disruptor Analysis

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How the Multimedia Industry Controls Everything “‘Tricky’ Connotations: Wonder Woman as DC's Brand Disruptor” by Charlotte E. Howell’s thesis is “Because this male skewed thinking, comics-based franchises are marketed around this industrial construction of their audience, which creates barriers to producing female-led superhero franchises like Wonder Woman.” (Howell, 142) Howell understands that the media and it’s following always controls, how well the entertainment industry does based on profits. These profits are what makes and breaks a movie, because if the industry feels that a certain movie will not make a big enough profit, it gets cut. Howell does not take into count that the low rates of female-led movies do not just effect superhero films but the industry as a whole. Howell sees how female-led superhero films are mistreated and seen as a joke until Warner Brothers had to step in and take the movie on. It is discussed in the journal that Wonder Woman was part of the feminist movement for woman’s right but my question towards Howell is how come it is only being produced now? Wonder woman was set to prove that woman cause do…show more content…
“The U.S. media and entertainment (M&E) industry is a $703 billion market, comprised of businesses that produce and distribute motion pictures, television programs and commercials along…”(selectusa) they would never give that money, it is for personal and corporate profits. To them it has never been enough, for example ratings, profits, sales, so it makes people wonder what they are going to do next and how far are they willing to push to get the desirable numbers. Any business will use extreme powers to reach their goal, but the media industry uses billions of dollars at a time for movies, so they will promote a year before the release in order to get the numbers in the box
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