Multimodal Composition Analysis

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After being in Principles of English Compositions this semester, I have gained a large amount of new skills to help me be successful. In Unit 4, we must create a multimodal composition so show our growth and comprehension from Unit 1. This means incorporating the information that we have learned and remixing our old paper with this new gained knowledge. Links that I see between my developing understanding of literacy and literacy practices are that I am able to understand and apply these skills to each text I read or write, I can see literacy practices more in my daily life now because it is no longer just reading and writing. This project is helping me explore other options other than just writing an essay. A goal for this unit is to reflect…show more content…
As Grant-Davie stated “situations do not exist without rhetors, and that rhetors create rather than discover rhetorical situations” (265). Meaning that the audience, the rhetors, helped me decided on creating a scrapbook, which is a creative, fun way to do research. It makes it much more interesting for not only the students but the teachers as well to discover how important it is to research. Also, it is a technique to help improve both audiences with their craft. The modes of communication that I will be using will be visual, linguistic, and audio mainly. Theatre people, most of the time, are visual learners; so showing them the pictures and explaining the process will help them understand…show more content…
I took the knowledge I had gained, and applied it to my own situation; these skills will be with me throughout my college career and in my life after that. Not only will it help with my gen ed classes, but with my theatre classes as well, this project has truly helped me open my eyes to how important text can be. Because of this unit I will be able to repurpose different practices and be able to reflect on my own literate practices for

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