Multiple Creation Stories In Genesis

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Discuss the multiple creation stories in Genesis. Discuss the similarities and differences within the narratives. What do these tell us about the authors and their worldview? What potential link can be drawn to later apocalyptic literature? Genesis is written by two different groups. The two groups are the priests and the folklore. Both Genesis one and two have similarities and differences. The first difference between Genesis one and Genesis two is the order of creation. In the priestly narrative, Genesis one, the order of creation fall in order of light/dark, sky, dry land, vegetation, stars/sun, animals (sea monsters and fish), land animals, and humans. Humans are created last but another difference in short is that male and females were birthed at the same time unlike Genesis two where Eve came from Adam. In Genesis two, Adam is made, however; in Genesis one verse twenty-seven, God does not give man a name “male and female he created” (Coogan, 2010, p. 13). He then makes the Tree of Knowledge (good and evil) and Tree of Life. After giving Adam land and animals in Genesis two, God states that Adam needs someone at his side to help him “but for the man there was not found a helper as his partner” (Coogan, 2010, p. 14). God therefore makes a woman from Adam. This is important because Genesis one is interpreted as the priestly narrative. The main focus on Genesis one and why it was created this way was because humans are supposed to be accepting the creation on the
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